D1 MakerLab

The D1 MakerLab program provides opportunities for students to explore exciting projects and new technologies in our prototype and lab facilities over the summer months. The goal is for students to learn the process of designing hardware devices through hands-on interaction and mentoring.

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Mini-Maker Faire's take place across Canada in dozens of cities each year. In 2010, Ottawa held their first Mini Maker Faire, and over the past five year's it has grow quickly attracting 100's of Maker's and 1000's of attendees. This growth drew the attention of the Maker movement who designated Ottawa a 'Featured Maker Faire' 2015 - joining 20 of the most interesting cities around the world including; Berlin, Romo, Tokyo and Shenzhen.

Ottawa's first Global Maker Faire is expected to draw 10,000 + attendees, we hope you'll be one of them
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2015 D1 Maker Lab Projects

The Makey Robot Wall

A Giant 10ft Tall Interactive Wall Resembling the Maker Faire Robot

This was the featured project of the 2015 D1 MakerLab student team. The idea came from a discussion on what projects we do for the 2015 Ottawa Maker Faire, the idea was the bigger the better! And the student team took this to heart, creating a concept for a 10ft Tall LCD panel wall that resembled the iconic Makey Robot.

The student team designed the Makey Robot from scratch, first sketching out the idea, than building in CAD, flushing out the detailed designed, ordering all the parts and building a working prototype. The end result was a full working 10ft tall, by 6 ft wide LCD panel Makey Robot Wall that lights up base on the color of ball you through in its belly!

Spidey Slingshot

An Electromagnetic Slingshot that can shoot a Soccer Ball 50ft in the Air!

This project started with a fun discussion on electromagnets and geodesic domes which naturally lead to ideas for a slingshot! After a few rounds of concept sketching, the students came up with the Spider Slingshot concept and proceeded to source the components (an electromagnet from a microwave oven) and build a working bench model.

After a successful round of testing, the project was given the green light and the D1 MakerLab team built the full working Spidey Slingshot, powerful enough to launch a sports ball 50ft in the air!

You can read a summary of the process and lessons learned during the slingshot build here

Hockey InterNET

The World's First Internet Connected Hockey Net, that Keeps Score!

The excitement around the Internet of Things has taken off quickly in the sports world, wearable devices, sensors and seamless tracking have been integrated into all sorts of sports. But hockey has been quietly left on the sidelines, until now!

A spin-off project from the Makey Robot, where balls thrown through the belly would turn on certain LCD panels, the hockey interNET uses the ball tracking functionality to relay goals to a scoreboard wirelessly.

The Design1st MakerLab Team

Our team consists of talented engineering and industrial design students from 3 top Canadian Universities

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May 25, 2015

MakerLab Intro Video

In our first video we introduce the team and our vision.
May 5, 2015
MakerLab is now running at full speed after a successful first two weeks! Check out the initiative’s introduction published in February in the Ottawa Business Journal.